I completed a 4 hour Women's Self-Defence Class today locally in Brisbane with a group of other women (who did incredibly well in the scenarios I might add after instruction!). The instructors were men which made the practice scenarios so real and challenging, and helped us really learn how to react in many different situations to defend ourselves and get ourselves out of danger and harms way even against very strong perpetrators. It is definitely an excellent course for women of all ages and fitness levels and I HIGHLY recommend it. I feel much more confident now and have learned so many different techniques and skills to help me handle myself in very scary situations. Well done to Dean and his instructors and thank you !!! Every girl and woman should take this course !! (Diane)

Great class. I learnt a lot of really great skills and it was very hands-on. I think I even accidentally gave one of the instructors a black eye! Sorry! I didn't know I had it in me. (Kaye)

​​Very educational, instructors were knowledgable and explained everything clearly. I learnt some great tips and ways to defend myself in a tough situation. (Mikaela)


Adult and Kids Martial Arts


This interactive, ladies only 3 hour session will teach skills and techniques that can be used in any situation.  These include kicks, punches, strikes and improvising weapons.  At the conclusion ladies can use newly learnt skills in a scenario against the male instructors.  

Any age and ability can participate.  

Sessions for 2021 tba

​If this is something that you and your friends are interested in send a message.  

Sessions run from  12.30 - 3.30pm

Held at Wishart Scout Hall

41 Abbeville Street

Upper Mount Gravatt

Payment is a donation which will be given to a local charity.

​Register your interest now.