State School terms   Last class (Thurs)   Last class (Sat)      Class resumes (Thurs)    Class resumes (Sat)
Term 1 29/1 – 5/4/19                                                                               31/1/09                                 26/1/19

Term 2 23/4 – 28/6/19           4/4/19                          6/4/19                     27/4/19                                  2/5/19

Term 3 15/7 – 20/9/19            27/6/19                       29/6/19                   18/7/19                                 20/7/19

Term 4 8/10 – 13/12/19          19/9/19                        21/9/19                  10/10/19                              12/10/19

Kids will learn:​

  • Self defence
  • Stranger awareness 
  • Fitness
  • Self discipline
  • Self respect
  • Confidence 
  • Anti-bully strategies 
  • Flexibility 
  • Co-ordination 

Our kids Self Defence training combines the traditional values and discipline of Ninjutsu with the knowledge and awareness of today's issues that our children face, including "bullying" and violence in society.
A large focus is to ensure kids learn as well as having fun.  This includes scenarios, 'smoke bombs' and obstacle courses.
The training curriculum is challenging enough so kids don't become bored without discouraging them.  Kids receive a certificate on becoming a member and when graded, which are held twice a year.

​ Dedicated and trained volunteers assist with classes.  



Thursday 4.00 - 5.00 pm
Saturday 8.30 - 9.30am (Hokkaido Wolves)
​Saturday 9.30-10.30am (Shinobi Warriors)
During school terms


This program is specifically designed for younger kids just starting out in martial arts.

Ages start from 4 1/2 to 8 years old.

​Training is based on learning through interactive games so they don't become bored and more importantly use a lot of energy!

Free Coffee for parents!


Class                                            $12

​Class with one or more siblings   $10 each

10 class pass                               $120

10 class pass with one or more

siblings                                         $100

Annual membership                     $60

New membership                         $85



Class for teens and pre-teens age 9 - 15 years.

Classes focus on the traditional techniques of Budo Taijutsu.  Kids in this class will use training weapons such as bo (training stick), katana (training sword) and shiruken (throwing stars).