Do you sell equipment and / or uniforms?
No, you can buy uniforms or equipment online or from one of the martial arts
suppliers around Brisbane.
I recommend Queensland Martial Arts Supplies in Spring Hill. Or RMR at Mt Gravatt

What is the Bujinkan ranking system?
The system of menkyo (diploma) in the Bujinkan is
unique. Menkyo are given in Bujinkan Dojo Budo Taijutsu and are
issued from Japan.
Kyu Levels – Beginners
1st Dan to 4th Dan – Ten (Heaven) / Shoden (Lower Level)
5th Dan to 9th Dan – Chi (Earth) / Chuden (Middle Level)
10th Dan to 15th Dan – Jin (Man) / Okuden (Advanced Level)
The 11th to 15th Dan are broken into Chi (earth), Sui (water), Ka (fire), Fu
(wind) and Ku (void).
The 5th Dan test is to avoid a training sword cut at you from behind by a 15th
Dan. The test must be performed under the supervision of the grandmaster. Once
a person is 5th Dan they may be issued with a shidoshi
menkyo (teaching license).

Is this a school of ninjutsu?
The Bujinkan is often thought of as a school of ninjutsu and many people
enquire who are interested in the ninja and ninjutsu. Hatsumi-sensei describes
the name “ninjutsu” as only a nickname and a great deal of his media work in
TV, film, magazines and books has focussed on the topic of ninjutsu. Also
within the nine schools of the Bujinkan three of them contain the name “ninpo”.
Even so it should be made clear from the start that our school is a school of
“Ko-budō / Ko-bujutsu” (traditional Japanese martial art) and not a “ninja

​​Frequently Asked Questions What do I need to do to join? Please come along to one of our scheduled classes on Tuesday or Saturday and introduce yourself to the instructor. If you have little or no previous experience, one of our senior students will help you on your first few nights to take you through the basics until you are at a level to join in with the regular classes. Are there any restrictions on age? You will need to be age 15 or over to join. There is no upper age limit. Can I train despite previous injuries, mobility issues and/or disabilities? Your training will be modified to take into account any previous injuries and mobility issues or disabilities you may have. What do I need to bring to my first session? To start out wear loose, comfortable sportswear – you can train in bare feet. If you have a martial arts uniform of another style or club you can wear that too. You should also bring water and a towel. Can I just come and watch a session? Yes, you can just watch a session, but we think you will get a better idea of our training if you participate. Can I organise private lessons with you? No, currently we don’t offer private sessions. Can I train in another Bujinkan dojo at the same time as I train here? Yes Can I train in another martial art at the same time as I train here? Yes What is the uniform of your club? The uniform of our dojo is a black gi (training suit). Male kyu ranks wear a green belt and female kyu ranks may wear a green or red belt. It is permissible just to wear a t-shirt but please always bring along your jacket and belt as these are often required. Thin-soled footwear such as tabi, martial arts shoes, wrestling shoes etc may also be worn at the dojo. Make sure all you equipment is in good condition and don’t bring any real weapons to class. 

How long does it take to get a black belt?
With regular training it takes about two to five years at our club.

Can I keep my rank from another Bujinkan dojo
or do I have to start again?
Yes, we recognise your previous rank.

Is there study of meditation or “spiritual”
No, although there may be value in pursuing these sorts of things we are just
martial arts school and out training is based around the study or Japanese
martial arts only.